What is Psychodrama?

Psychodrama is a form of psychotherapy that uses action and roleplay to help the participant better understand themselves and the people around them.

Psychodrama sounds scary!

When something is scary we break it down. Psych (mind) + Drama (action). Not so scary now? It is a technique that helps bring your inner world out in a practical way that gives you the power to choose what happens next. Like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, the process is fun and full of surprises.

What will I experience in a psychodrama session?

The opportunity to discover specific challenges / aspirations that emerge on the day, whether that be a current problem, past situation, or future aspiration. With me by your side, we will explore these themes in action using props, or other people (if in a group), to find strategies and fresh perspectives for how to move forward. Psychodrama offers a creative way to explore and solve problems. By encouraging an individual to address a problem in a spontaneous way based on impulse, problems become clearer and solutions achievable. The process allows the ideas to emerge from the participant. Empowerment comes from finding the answers within us when given the opportunity to discover them.

Is Psychodrama good for children?

Yes it is. Children naturally problem solve on a daily basis through role play. When playing with their toys or friends they naturally take up roles, and the themes of their role play often relate to elements in their life they are processing. Listening to them play will give you clues as to what may be going on for them. Children are also still very connected to the unspoken ways in which we communicate like body language, tone of voice, facial expression and the atmosphere in a room. Psychodrama harnesses this quality rather than dismisses it.

Why is it good for adults?

Our lives are busy. Our inner critic can feel a lot louder than our intuition. Our thoughts, feelings and past experiences leave an imprint on us, and affect the choices we make on a daily basis. A psychodrama session helps you investigate and declutter your brain, gain insight, shift perspective and discover new possibilities. It does this by engaging your body in the work as well as your mind, enabling the brain to rewire itself in a shorter timeframe because it’s actively engaged as opposed to passively receiving information. It is through action that change can be experienced in the body.

But I'm not an actor!

Perfect. The role-play in a psychodrama is not about acting. It is about gaining greater clarity and self-awareness so that you can discover the elements in your life that are preventing you from moving forward, letting go, or being in the moment.

Are you qualified?

Yes I have a BA in Psychology and 800 hours of specialty training to become a qualified psychotherapist. I have 10 years experience working in this field.

When will I see results?

Like anything, change happens over time with practice as your level of self awareness grows. However, after 1 session you will feel things shift. Whether this be a sense of clarity, lightness, energy and motivation. Or best of all, a light bulb moment.

How much does a session cost?

One on one: $180 for up to 1 1/2 hours Adult Group: $80 per person - 2 hr session $110 per person - 3 hr session $140 per person - 4 hour session $200 per person - full day Group masterclass/presentation/workshop: $2000 per day $1200 3 hour $500 per hour Children’s workshops: 4 weeks - $200 per child - 2 hours (8 years and over) $180 per child 1 1/2 hours (6-7 years) $160 per child 1 hr (4-5 years) Excludes travel if outside Melbourne CBD or Macedon Ranges area.

Where are you based?

I work in the Macedon Ranges and Melbourne.

Do you only work with groups?

No I also run one-on-one sessions. Sometimes I will advise a personal session before joining a group to clarify what is the best course of action for reaching your goal.